Top Ten Reasons to Locate a Business in Greater New Orleans

  1. Low Business Costs Labor and Lease Rates are 30% – 40% less expensive than markets like New York and the West Coast.
  2. Rich Incentives Business incentives in Louisiana, like the 35% digital rebate, are generally the best in North America, and are broadly supported and permanent in the tax code.
  3. Business—Friendly Leadership Louisiana was recently ranked “#1 Most Business Friendly Government in America.” A tight partnership exists between the state, region and local leaders.
  4. Unbeatable Logistics With six Class-­A railroads, the I–­10 Interstate Highway, a major airport and the mighty Mississippi river, Greater New Orleans has the best intermodal transportation in America.
  5. Loyal, Productive Workforce Workers in Louisiana were recently voted the “Most Engaged in America.” Importantly, Louisiana is aright–to–work state, and a tight partnership exists between industry and training schools to ensure a steady supply of workers.
  6. You Can “Own the Market” New Orleans and Louisiana are mid–sized markets, which a leading business can “own,” having priority access to workforce talent, government officials, etc. In New Orleans, your business matters.
  7. Diversity and Quality in Education Greater New Orleans offers a remarkable diversity of quality educational options. For primary school, everything from the #16 public high school in the USA to top private schools like Country Day are available. For higher education, UNO was recently named “One of the Nation's Best,” and Tulane University recently had more applications (44,000) than any private college in the nation.
  8. Diversity of Lifestyle Options Greater New Orleans offers a lifestyle for everyone: the French Quarter, the Warehouse District, or the old Victorians. The Northshore has spacious golf communities, and the River Region is known for its rural plantations. And regardless of where you live, downtown New Orleans is never more than 45 minutes away.
  9. Extraordinary Quality of Life In 2012 Louisiana was named “Happiest State in the USA,” and New Orleans is consistently voted“America’s Favorite City,” because of its world-class food, jazz and cosmopolitan heritage – with over 300 festivals every year, most of them free. New Orleans hosts two professional sports teams and the best sport fishing in America. Commute times are some of the lowest in America, and you get up to four times the house for your money in New Orleans versus NYC and San Francisco.
  10. Greater New Orleans, Inc. is Here to Help Voted the #2 Economic Development Organization in the USA, GNO, Inc. stands ready to provide you free assistance with real estate, incentives, workforce training, recruiting and relocation, permitting and any other issues to ensure your business in successful in Greater New Orleans.