Business Continuity Tips for Hurricane Season


In the wake of several severe hurricanes this season, we are reminded that doing business in our region comes with a unique set of challenges.  Now is the time to get prepared.  Here are a few basic steps to ensure that your company is ready to weather a storm.

Protect your property.

  1. Inspect buildings and facilities to ensure they can withstand a storm, especially roofs and load-bearing structures. 
  2. Inspect your site and remove any debris that could become airborne.

  3. Take photographs and document company assets including all interior and exterior spaces.

  4. Review your insurance policy with your provider to confirm that your coverage is adequate and determine how to file a claim.

Protect your information.
  1. Update your company contact list including employees, clients, and vendors.

  2. Backup essential computers to cloud-storage or an external hard drive.

  3. Scan and save insurance documents, legal contracts, tax returns, and accounting statements for off-site access.

Whether it is a small disturbance or a major disaster, developing a company continuity plan, and updating it regularly, will ensure that your business is ready to operate.

For more tips about how you can increase your company's emergency readiness, check out Louisiana Small Business Development Center's information on storm preparation.  

You can find weather updates by visiting the Louisiana Hurricane Center at Information about St. Bernard Parish and official parish government announcements can be found at